Harrisburg, Saline County, Illinois Grandparent’s Rights, Guardianship, Power of Attorney Lawyer

Harrisburg, Saline County, Illinois Grandparent’s Rights, Guardianship, Power of Attorney Lawyer

Muddy, Galatia, Illinois Grandparents Rights

A grandparent can pursue guardianship of a grandchild or grandchildren to temporarily or permanently take over the care and control of their grandchild or grandchildren, including for a variety of reasons, but not limited to the death or disease of a parent, child abuse and/or other circumstances as determined by the Court.

Grandparents and Step-Grandparents Rights Attorney in Harrisburg, Illinois Step-Parent Adoption Lawyer

Blake Law Group, P.C. has experience in representing grandparents, step-grandparents in cases involving the best interests and welfare of minors, parents that are deceased, incarcerated or having drug, mental or emotional issues.

Belleville Step-Parent Adoption Attorney, Southern Illinois family Law Attorneys Handling Cases Dealing with Grandparent Rights

Many step-parent adoptions occur when a divorced person remarries and their new spouse adopts a child from a previous marriage, including to create the family bond of being the legal parent of their child.

Visitation by Grandparents and Step-Parents, Carrier Mills, Illinois Grandparents Right Attorney, Madison County Step-Parents Rights Law Firm

There are times when Courts may order visitation for grandparents. If either parent is not available for the child, and the other parent does not allow visitation for the grandparents, a Court could decide it is in the best interests of the child to see his or her grandparents.

Grandparents Rights and Step-Parents Rights, Saline County, Illinois Family Law Attorneys, Grandparents Rights attorney in Harrisburg, Illinois

In many cases, grandparents and step-grandparents can obtain visitation, depending on facts and circumstances, we can evaluate your chances and depending on circumstances, can guide you through the legal steps to obtain visitation.

Raleigh, Harrisburg, Illinois Guardianships

A guardian is a person or institution, who has been appointed by a Probate Court to manage the personal and/or property of another.  A guardianship is a legal right given to someone to be responsible for the health, care and other necessities of someone who has been deemed fully or partially incapable of providing these necessities for themself by a Court.

Adult Guardianships – A guardianship can be the guardian of the person, or of the estate, or of both the person and the estate.

A disabled adult is a person over the age of eighteen (18) with mental deterioration, mental disability, developmental disability and/or physical inability, as determined by the Court.

Minor Guardianships – Under Illinois law, Guardianship gives a person legal custody of a child. A Guardian must provide the child with housing, clothing, medical care and nutrition. With a guardianship, a person other than the parent is able to step into the role of a parent in order to ensure that a child is being cared for properly.

Eldorado, Carrier Mills, Illinois Power of Attorney

We have been preparing Power of Attorneys for years, including durable power of attorneys, living wills, healthcare power of attorneys, property power of attorneys, limited power of attorneys and we have experience in regard to removal or revocation of power of attorneys, and appointments of power of attorneys independently or through the Court.

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